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                               doug cristafir painting with photographic light
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  Pricing and Ordering for Mandalas.
mandala  Metallic Paper Info:  (All Prints are printed on beautiful Metallic Paper...Stunning!)
This particular paper type has added a completely unique dimension for photographic output.  With its glossy finish and metallic appearance it creates images that are described as “Chrome on Paper”, while at the same time adding depth, vibrant color and flattering flesh tones. 
Endura Metallic Paper creates unique black and white images and through a special combination of laminating layers, prints appear to be three-dimensional with an ultra-bright background. 
Each Metallic Print is mounted on Rigid Blackcore Gatorboard
...Stronger than Foamcore.

Gatorboard ®'  A Multi layer composite of extremely dense and durable Polystyrene foam that resists crushing and denting. Topping the core are several Thick- nesses of plastics, papers and adhesives, creating a moisture-resistant layer that helps form a rigid board that is resistant to bending or warping. The smooth paper finish offers ideal ink coverage and needs little or no preparation for mounting and laminating. It's free of toxic chemicals such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and formaldehyde

      Each Print comes with a mounting clip for the back of the gatorboard.
You can also frame your mounted print once you recieve it...with or without glass (or plexiglass). Although the vibrance of the image will be diminished if glass is covering it. A metal or wood black frame looks the best. You can get reasonably priced metal frames at a Michael's Craft store or online.
* If you have questions in ordering feel free to call Doug at 509. 456. 8315 or email at cristafir@radiantarts.com

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       Series I  -  For Mandalas One - Twelve
Mandala Number 12 x 12
Mandala 24 x 24
$50.00 each (includes shipping in USA) $175.00 each (includes shipping in USA)
International and Canadian orders not being accepted at this time
       Series II - For Mandalas Thirteen - Sixteen
Mandala Verticals  18 x 12"
Mandala Verticals 24 x 36"
$75.00 each (includes shipping in USA) $225.00 each (includes shipping in USA)
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