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crystal bowls

  crystal bowls

   In these times of planetary transformation and opportunity, sound is becoming another credible avenue for creating a new frequency on the planet that can help align and activate individually and collectively a new paradigm of possibilities of how we live on this planet.

   A Chakra-Tuned "Singing" Quartz Crystal Bowl is a bowl precisely manufactured from pure quartz crystal. The bowl is hand-tuned, by an exclusive process, to a note of the diatonic musical scale. When played, the bowl resonates ("sings") its note, opening and balancing the corresponding energy vortex (Chakra) of the body.

  More than one bowl is toned at the same time creating an other worldly resonance complete with sound that pulses and seems to dance around the room and within ones being. The frequency of the bowls entrains with our physical bodies and allows you to 'feel' the essence of being balanced and in tune with your multi-dimensional blueprint of being. The net effect of this can sometimes be felt for the next few days after a session.

  "Sound creates and sound arranges. The harmonics created by the playing of singing bowls have an amazing therapeutic effect on people. When you strike a singing bowl, you can feel that the air surrounding the bowl also vibrates. The powerful vibrations spread quickly through our body which consists of approximately 90% water after all,  and this results in a very delicate internal massage of all the cells. The human body is a living entity of vibrations  and wavelengths. A healthy organ is well tuned, meaning that it vibrates only at its own frequency, while the frequency of a sick organ is disturbed. Singing Bowls recreate the original harmonic frequency, and stimulate the body to rediscover its own harmonic frequency, by making it vibrate to the frequency of the bowl so that when it is synchronized, it can vibrate independently. Stimulated and taken up by the power vibrations of the singing bowl, the body is able to tune into its own undisturbed frequency." ~ The Soul Garden - Deborah Van Dyke

  While no healing claims are made...some have claimed better sleep for a week, loss of a head ache, flu symptoms ending, and no more pain. Many have also shared experiencing other worldly visions, past life alignments and a much clearer sense of whatever they have been working within their lives at the time.

This is an experiential event that can open doors and allow you to align with a frequency of harmony and joy.

Doug has been offering Crystal Bowl Meditations since 1999 mostly in Spokane WA. and around the Pacific Northwest. Currently, he is living in Bend OR and has combined his skill with a new friend on the journey, Brandon Johns, another intuitive sound artist. There joined energy is exploring the potential of an expanded vibrational experience.

Schedule ~
Payment or Donation is at the location for these sessions:

  Bend Oregon Area
* Sunday, Oct 27

ALL start @ 7pm,

Spiritual Awareness Center/Old Stone Church

suggested Donation $5 - $10

* Sunday Nov. 3
Info on the Right

Other Locations ~

   Spokane WA


Nov 8th The Unity Center 7 pm

* Nov 10th South Hill Unity 7 pm
  Cost $10
  Print a Flyer and Pass around Spokane Thank You!

  Crystal Bowl Sessions:
   For scheduling all sessions please contact Doug for available times.
 A Special Crystal Bowl Sound Bath @ The Hawthorn Center  Bend OR
Novemeber 3rd at 7pm - This session is by paid reservation for $10
Join Doug and Brandon in the Hawthorn Center's wonderful healing space that has been nicknamed by Doug as the 'Sound Chamber'.  The acoustics are awesome and help benefit the experience of the sound bath. Only 15 people, using mats, can fit into the space... so you must reserve a paid space. There are also some chairs if you prefer. We will offer a longer session, including a guided meditation for the new earth, a longer opening drumming, vocal toning and some aroma essence to round out the atmosphere.
Plus an opportunity to share (optional...listening is OK too).
NOTE: These sessions fill up fast on a first pay basis. Reserve now. The PayPal button will be gone once 15 spaces are filled. Sign in required at the door. Blessings!
A waiting list will be started by contacting Doug at cristafir@radiantarts.com
   $10 pre paid for the Hawthorn Center
  • Monthly Meditations for Bend OR -  I have been scheduling them on Sunday evenings around 6:30 to 7 pm to start (this will start back up again in September) Each one last about an hour. Usually two+ per month.
    Cost - Meditations are usually by Donation / Suggested $5 - $10 / person depending on the venue.   Schedule Listed to the left for Bend OR.  
  • Home Clearing / Alignment
    A home clearing is helpful in cleansing the energy of a new home or to realign your current home. This starts with a drumming throughout the house that includes rattles (or anything that makes noise to break up the energy) and smudging with sage. A full hour bowl alignment follows to bring the energy of the home into back into balance.
    - $185 (.allow at least 2 hrs total time)
$185.00 House Clearing /Alignment Session - 2 + hours
  • Individual / Group Session in Your Home
    Experience the Harmony and Balancing of Crystalline Energy in the warmth of your own home. You can enjoy this alone, with family or invite friends and have a Crystal Bowl Energy Gathering.
    Cost -
    $125 (approximately 1.5+ hours...allow at least 2 hrs total time)
    * for groups above 12 people cost is $10 per person.
$125 Individual / Group Session - 1.5 + hour session
An additional cost my incur if the distance is out of the Bend City limits unless we are visiting in another geographic area entirely. This will be decided on an individual session basis.