radiantarts title
                               doug cristafir painting with photographic light
the artist

me at 19  It became obnoxiously obvious to me in 1998 that I was not destined to pic one life endeavor and be all that one thing. Over the last number of years, besides exploring my photopaintings for art, I have performed crystal bowl meditations, developed an intuitive counseling perspective in helping people find their voices, as well as connecting with others to vision a new world view beyond the current madness that pervades our planet. We are all artists in the broadest sense of the word. Finding our voices, allowing something greater to manifest through our collective frequency.

  For myself, ...I move energy and thus change the frequency by which life flows through my life. As an artist, the ability to inspire through words, images, sound and inspired visions, clearly sets the stage for my expanded Now and for others. To know what you want in any moment and have the tools and insights to move forward with clarity.

As an Artist...

  There has always been one theme in my work and heart...to create and reveal beauty. doug today
I can't help myself.  While many artists are content to create 'cerebral-mind' works...I am attracted to the perfection of beauty and what that feels like. We live in a sometimes crazy world that can look frightening and chaotic. Beauty is the doorway, the threshold of seeing and knowing 'Heaven on Earth'.

  Years ago I received a degree for a BFA in Art from West Virginia University. But what is truly required to be an artist is a sense of adventure and playfulness. Techniques are helpful, but what emerges from the heart through play is what touches the artist, the viewer and world. I love seeing people get excited about my work. Each piece is a labor of love laced with a touch of adventure.

  To read more about my adventures I am writing a book called 'Hitchhiking to Nirvana' that is autobiographical in scope and metaphysical by design.