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doug cristafir painting with photographic light
radiant artist Mandalas
Viewing Doug's landscapes is like seeing a natural wonder for the first time. They are timeless and pristine and beckon us to feel the primal places within us that connect us to our beautiful planet. These photopaintings were developed over fifteen years of fun and play. View the first series of 12, "Genesis" of a Mandala series. Available now on Metallic Endura Paper. Be one of the first to own one or a few of these empowering images for your alter, wall or anywhere you want to feel inspired. Sound Vibration may one day be the new healing modality. Schedule a Crystal Bowl Meditation / Sound Bath with Doug and Brandon to experience what alignment feels like in your body and home. Includes Bend, OR local meditation schedule and other Northwest visits. Need some clarity for your business, art, group or life? 15+ years designing for graphics and websites. If you are looking for a more artistic look that is priced right and with great service, then contact Doug to discuss your web and  graphic needs.
empower the planet

Jon's readings are poetic, insightful and help you to find your way in this soulful journey of your life. Enjoy Mona's Latest Book:

The Sacred Language of the Human Body
Join the planet and millions to simply choose, focus and align with the new unconditional love vibration. What if you lived as though the Universe worked or played in your favor?  Doug is a Radiant Life Intuitive who can help you find clarity and inspiration for living YOUR life...
NOT someone else's.
Get some clarity and get moving again.
Mona Delfino
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